Who we are

Electronics Art SARL have a team of highly qualified electronics engineers. We design electronic boards for the industrial, automotive and aeronautical fields.


From a spec, a draft or other means, we design the electronic circuit, we choose the right components, make schematics, route the board and deliver complete manufacturing files ready to manufacture.
All steps are checked according to our internal quality management system and validated by the customer.

What we do

  • High density PCB (fine pitch BGA, microvias, 32 layers)
  • High speed design (impedance matching, DDR routing, differential pairs)
  • Extreme mechanical constraints
  • Placement constraints (power, analog and digital domaines)

Win time and money

  • Short lead times

    We are commited to short lead times thanks to our specialized and well-trained team and a full range of professional software.

  • Customer Relationship

    A lot of back and forth throughout the entire duration of the design.
    We maintain close relationships with out customers to meet their needs at a cost effective way.

  • Simulation

    We perform SPICE simulations for electronic modules and signal integrity simulations for high speed designs

  • Design for testability

    We make sure to add testability features to the product to make it easier for our customers to develop and apply manufacturing tests to their designed hardware.

Contact us

Tel: 00216 97 65 14 76

Email: contact-us@allpcbdesign.com